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WARNING!!! Mostly publishing text chapter by chapter from 2083 - A European Declaration of Indepence manifest, so it would be easier to read it for some people. Please, read it with a thought. And when you have done it, share this to your friends.

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Anonymous asked
I think Breivik will eventually start impregnating his groupies to show the perks of being a resistance fighter. There has to be at least a few dozen chicks who would take him up on the offer, although supposedly he can only meet with visitors through a partition. So that might be a problem.

wow…. Yeah, might be. I’d never consider of having kids thou… I’d like to meet Breivik in a person and talk all kind of cool stuff, but that would be all.

But well, if some people would want to do the thing, go ahead… But yeah, meeting Breivik would be a problem so far, but never know from the future. Nah, in the future the possibilities of seeing breivik probably remains the same.

and no offence, but the word ‘groupies’ sounds so wrong…

Anonymous asked
You know VG is just going to take everything you say out of context and make you look completely retarded. It'll be a fun read.

hahaha. I refused of the interview. I’m busy-

Anonymous asked
I have to agree, I dont think he will get a wife in prison because like you said, he did a choice! I dont think he want to live a life like that, to sit in prison and have a gf/wife/kids on the outside.

Indeed he did. He has pretty much sitting in prison, and he will have his faith in us Brothers and Sisters. And he can trust in us, we will make his work worth it. :)

Anonymous asked
I read all day you 'r blog, it's really nice one, you have done very good job! There was couple good laught ones :). How the hell he finds a wife? And even more make babies?? From prison, how? :)) He is not god, i think. Ok, even if he gets a wife - dosent he be very jealous, becose he is in there rest of he's life and the "wife" is out there...meeting new potential step-fater to her and hes child? ( sorry, for some spelling mistakes ).

Apologies of spelling mistakes accepted. :)

And thank you!

Well, I guess that through letters and possible visitors, which he might have access to meet. IF he would be interested of get a wife, or kids. But I doubt that, because he made the decision of his life earlier: Having a family; wife and kids OR do the 22/7 attack. Not both.  And we all know which one he did choose.

But as said, IF he would get a wife, we can’t know for sure if he would get jealous, maybe a little. Or then he got a strong belief and trust in her wife and their relationship.

Anonymous asked
Why you're depressed? Why you have depression, how it have affected on you?

As I’ve made it clear, I won’t discuss about MY personal life much deeper than I already have in this blog, I have no need to tell more about it. I’m depressed yes, but I’m not talking more about it.

disequilibration asked
I didn't know anything about your depression and such ): I know I never talked to you before, but I'm here to talk to, whenever you feel like it. If not, I wish you all the best. You deserve it!

Well, I don’t pretty much talk about that subject on this blog, because it’s personal.

I separate my personal things like that with a this kind of ABB stuff, they’re not related to each others, so I’ll just don’t talk about such a personal stuff in this ABB blog of mine. :)

But thanks a lot for your message thou! I will keep that on my mind. :)

Cheers! xxx

Anonymous asked
Do you think maybe you would find it easier to fight your depression if you let go of your hate? I hope you become a gentle, kind, compassionate human being xxxx

Woah.. erm..

It’s quite hard to get rid of my hate thou.. It’s stuck in me, boils in my veins.. But I try to make it go a bit more.. Dangerous and I try to use it in good things… And I’m used to my depression.. I keep fighting to beat it every day…

Uh, that was well nice message thou, anon…

Anonymous asked
Post more, please :) Either from the book or whatever. You do great work. Grüße aus Deutschland :)

I will be posting more soon! :)

Vielen Dank und stark bleiben!! (hopefully I got it right, haha)